Tiny volumetric display

Volumetric candle achieved by spinning a panel of LEDs. Crates a really charming effect.

Made with the Waveshare RP2040-tiny based on the RP2040 chip.

See the full project from Mitxela:

I was recently fortunate enough to find myself in the pub with some very creative and talented people. The discussion turned to electronic candles, and how one might create something that would look like a flickering candle from any angle. I suggested a persistence-of-vision display, but the general consensus was that those require too much in the way of supporting machinery to make them work: bearings, and probably slip rings and so on.

Afterwards I had a think and figured that if the motor and battery were small enough, the whole thing could spin. I was ordering some other circuit boards the following day, so I quickly threw together a simple LED matrix board and combined that with the other orders. Small circuit boards from China are essentially free, fast postage is the only thing that matters.

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