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Tiny volumetric display

Volumetric candle achieved by spinning a panel of LEDs. Crates a really charming effect. Made with the Waveshare RP2040-tiny based on the RP2040 chip. See the full project from Mitxela: I was recently fortunate enough to find myself in

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Adafruit Weekly Editorial Round-Up: An ESP32-based internet radio streamer, CircuitPython in 2024, Adafruit MEMENTO Camera Board, & more

ADAFRUIT WEEKLY EDITORIAL ROUND-UP We’ve got so much happening here at Adafruit that it’s not always easy to keep up! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Each week we’ll be posting a handy round-up of what we’ve been up

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Who Was Isaac Asimov #SciFiSunday

Just who was Isaac Asimov? He created the Rules for Robotics and he write the Foundation series and he taught certain Adafruit team members all about Shakespeare and the historical context for the Bible with Azimov’s Guide to Shakespeare

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The process of making badges. Custom-made luxury badges made by Japanese craftsmen

Here at Adafruit, we love an enamel pin or badge. If you feel the same, we recommend checking out this fun new video from Process X on YouTube. Blog Adafruit Enlace: The process of making badges. Custom-made luxury

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The Lion lamp

A simple art piece/lamp. Colors change when people are detected and the lamp turns off when the room is motionless. Shared by Tauno Erik on I had this, not working, ceiling lamp that collected dust. And I was

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MIT and the Apollo Missions #SpaceSaturday

The story of the moon landing is complex. A lot has been written about the NASA engineers who worked on the Apollo missions — but a great deal of the computer design and programming work was done at MIT.

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New Products 1/3/24 Feat. Adafruit 12V Bias Voltage Boost Converter!

We’ve got the New nEw NEW for you right here: NEW PRODUCTS THIS WEEK Adafruit 12V Bias Voltage Boost Converter – TPS61040 The Adafruit 12V Bias Voltage Boost Converter uses our new favorite mini-booster, the TI TPS61040, to generate

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SparkFun turns 20

SparkFun posted up a 20th Anniversary video with founder / former CEO Nathan Seidle. Congrats on 20 years, SparkFun! At the 2 min, 57 sec mark, towards the end of the video Nate talks about AI and how “your

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Revolutionize Your ESP32 Projects with Live GPIO Pin Monitoring!

Awesome project from The Last Outpost Workshop. Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Thanks to Robert Garito from the Adafruit community for the tip! Discover the ultimate tool for ESP32 enthusiasts! The GPIO Viewer offers real-time visualization

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FlippyDrive FIRST LOOK! Solderless Modchip For GameCube! #piday #raspberrypi

Tiny optical drive emulator for the GameCube that lets you play games from an sd card. A custom pcb featuring a RP2040 chip. One particularly clever aspect is the origami-like ribbon cable used for installation. FlippyDrive is the creation

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