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Eureka – A Turkish company is looking future R&D partners that are experienced in enviromental design for a Eurostars project to create a system which allows to use different measurement and recording devices to evaluate obtained data instantly.

A Turkish company specialized in environmental design and operating recreation areas such as pools, jogging paths, bicycle paths, picnic areas, and green areas are looking for R&D partners that are experienced in environmental design, GIS systems, and Eurostars projects

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Seeking German partners for a project to enhance artificial intelligence predictive and diagnostic capabilities under the Germany-Singapore SME funding programme

A Singapore technology SME in the market of business advisory, training and coaching services, is building its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm capabilities. The SME sees a need to provide a holistic technology solution to assist companies with data-driven talent

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Horizon2020-Green Deal Call-Area 6-Consortium consisting of Turkish, German, Danish and Greek partners looks for companies and research institutions as additional partners.

A Turkish company which created a greenhouse with a vertical farming concept established a consortium consisting of Turkish, German, Danish and Greek partners in order to submit a project proposal to Horizon 2020-Green Deal Call-Area 6: “Testing and demonstrating

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Seeking partners for H2020 Green Airports call to develop unique hydrogen-powered airside vehicles for multiple uses

A UK company is completing a consortium to apply for the call H2020 LC-GD-5-1-2020 Green Airports & Ports, to develop unique airside vehicles (eg tugs and others), powered by hydrogen fuel cells. They are seeking multiple partners to design,

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[EUREKA- Network Project] A renowned Korean manufacturer of steam methane reformer for hydrogen refueling system is seeking utilization technology for its captured carbon dioxide

A Korean manufacturer of steam methane reformer for hydrogen refueling system is seeking a partner with captured carbon dioxide utilization technology for their EUREKA project. The goal is to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with carbon

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EUREKA Eurostars: Industrial partners sought for scalable prototyping for fibre reinforced plastics

A German university is setting up a research project to manufacture more cost-effective prototypes and to speed up the development of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) components. Partners sought are SMEs with expertise in prototyping of different materials, producers of

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A Berlin based non-profit foundation is looking for an application partner from the field of mobility, buildings or smart city for a third-party call (DigiFed

The Berlin based non-profit foundation developing next generation protocols is looking for an application partner for a TWIN Application Experiment for the third-party call DigiFed. The sought partner should be an SME from the field of mobility, buildings or

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Israel-Italy “Joint Innovation Program”: Italian company is seeking for an Israeli ICT company or research center, to develop a project about the predictive maintenance manufacturing.

The Italian coordinator is a SME specialized in several fields, like industrial and civil plants. They are developing a project to optimize a learning-based machine, able of assisting manufacturers in plant maintenance activities. SME would like to submit the

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A regional Spanish newspaper is looking for regional newspapers from Italy, France and Portugal to create a European Network for Regional Medias and apply to the European Green Deal call area 10, topic 3.

A Spanish newspaper will create a European Medias Network dedicated to cooperating in the design and development of common projects oriented to defend and promote the European values and joining transnational consortiums in order to apply to the European

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COVID-19 – H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 – A medical laboratory is sought as partner in a FTI project to "sniff" COVID positivity

A consortium composed of Italian and Spanish partners is willing to submit a Fast Track to Innovation (deadline 27/10/2020) proposal for the development of an electronic nose to rapidly and efficiently identify COVID positivity in patients. The device is

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