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Elaboration of paintball game management system

A company from Latvia engaged in paintball game business and supply of equipment to paintball game managers/operators is seeking for technical cooperation agreement to develop joint development of current paintball game management system technology adding extended functionalities. After development

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UK-based SME looking for partners for development of its technology for generation of active biomolecules

A UK-based SME is developing methods of generating bone morphogenetic protein using mammalian cell expression systems to produce significant amounts of active biomolecule. These are being developed with a view to potential therapeutic applications for bone and joint conditions.

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A Dutch company is looking for a rapid online detection method to determine the microbial water quality in non-chlorinated swimming pool water.

A Dutch company designs, builds and operates technical installations in complex buildings, such as swimming pools. The company is currently looking for a technology or test in order to economically and efficiently determine the microbial contamination in non-chlorinated swimming

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SMEs with software/electrical engineering expertise sought for the development of an Automated Opto-Biomechatronics Systems Technology for Cancer Research and Personalized Chemotherapy Testing using a Fertilized Chicken Egg Assay

A German university aims to build a fertilized chick embyro membrane (CAM) test system for the biomedicine market: an opto-biomechatronics system, OvoMate, will combine optical analysis of tumor growth, apply test drugs and sampling of growing tumor on CAM

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High-temperature protection coating with built-in thermal sensor

A Swiss school of technology offers a high-temperature protection coating with a built-in thermal sensor. The new functional coating warns against thermal loads by irreversibly changing its colour. The coating can be used on components, which are prone to

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Innovative lehr (oven) loader for hollow glass production, looking for partner under commercial agreement with technical assistance

A German SME has developed an innovative lehr loader. Lehr ovens are used in the production of hollow glass to decrease mechanical stress of the material. The device pushes the produced glassware in a soft movement at right angles

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Nanocoating for solar thermal collectors with a 98% absorption coefficient

A Ukrainian research and development institute is looking for licensees for a nano coating amongst solar collector manufacturers. The coating absorbs 98% of light, it is eco friendly and has very good adhesive and weather resistant properties. ACTIS Cooperación

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A Spanish natural gas company is looking for innovative technologies in the field of energy transition

Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company and technical manager of the Spanish gas system is looking for innovative technologies in the field of energy transition with special emphasis on renewable gases (biogas and hydrogen), sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and

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Japanese patented technology for fundamental mechanism of peristaltic pumps

This Japanese firm is looking for partners in the EU interested in a patent related to the mechanism of peristaltic pumps. The offered technology greatly reduces the fatigue of these pumps, increasing the longevity and reliability in applications such

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Easy test for rapid detection of microorganism's level and cleaning efficiency

A French biotechnology SME is offering an easy and rapid test for evaluation of biocharge level and cleaning efficiency. The test is based on a colorimetric reaction which change the color of the test in presence of viable microorganisms

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