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Manufacturing of etched ion-track membranes according to customer parameters.

A German scientific research centre is offering the manufacturing of etched ion-track membranes according to customer parameters and the participation in development projects from research and industry. The membranes have a high separation performance and dispose of a narrow

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Dynamic Pupil for ophthalmological applications

Researchers from Spanish Research Institutions have recently developed a self-regulating iris based on light-actuated broadband absorber metamaterial. Manufacturing companies of contact lenses and/or ocular prosthesis are being sought to collaborate and/or exploit the existing know how through a patent

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A French university offers an eco-friendly synthesis of polyhydroxylated aldehydes for licensing or co-development

A French university has developed an eco-friendly synthesis of polyhydroxylated aldehydes by enzymatic cascade. The obtained building blocks are of interest for complex structures required by the chemical or pharmaceutical industries (intermediates, biological molecules, phytosanitary products). The university, supported

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A Spanish SME offers a new technology enabling real time 3D data streaming to be applied in multiple fields like education, sports, video games, health or construction

A Spanish SME has designed a wireless technology that streams real time volumetric data via a central server to any compatible software. The prototype is a small, portable, cheap, easy to use and all-in-one device. It has low latency

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A Spanish SME, that offers services and patented products in the field of building and urban nature based solutions, is looking for entities applying to H2020, Horizon Europe or Life projects to be integrated into international consortiums

A Spanish SME specialized in the sustainability field, with previous experience in the preparation and execution of H2020 granted projects, is offering their expertise providing both services and patented products focused on nature based solutions (NBS). They aim to

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Danish provider of recycling processes looking for commercial partner(s) with a solid business case based on collecting, sorting, downsizing, and Reuse, Recycle and Refurbish of EOL ((End Of Life) fiber/glass fiber reinforced composites waste

This Danish organisation has a unique position in the market focusing on recycling via decommissioning processes, in which the supply chain is the foundation for business development. The organisation is looking for partners with knowledge and experience within collecting,

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Spanish company looking for technologies for the digitalisation of the industry, full water cycle processes and smart cities.

A Spanish investment company specialised in start-ups scaling and business acceleration is seeking to invest in start-ups with innovative solutions based in AI, 5G, IoT, VR/AR that enable the digital transformation of water cycle and industrial processes or with

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Italian team developing a multi-lingual human resources management system and shift scheduling tool looks for technological partners interested in R&D collaboration and integration between complementary products

An Italian company from Torino area is developing a cloud solution for human resources management and shift scheduling which automates repetitive tasks that allows managers and employees to dedicate their time to high value added activities. This innovative system

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A Brussels-based company is looking for developers for a game project

A Brussels-based company is looking for video game developers and publishers to implement an ambitious serious game project inspired by in «monster-collection RPG» style games. The development needs include character creation, game environment, sound, and game design. A producer

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Mimetic lymph nodes for immune cells culture

A Spanish research institution has developed a new 3D scaffold that mimics the lymph nodes for the proliferation and differentiation of immune cells, such as T lymphocytes, ready for immunotherapy applications. Industrial partners are being sought to collaborate through

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