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Permanent anti-fog and anti-mist treatment sought for transparent facemasks

UK company manufacturing transparent face masks is looking for a permanent hydrophilic treatment for thermoplastic elastomer transparent material. They require a function (ideally via additive, functionalisation or coating) so the material remains anti fog after exhaling on it or

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Cell-penetrating peptides for treatment of cancer

A Spanish biomedical research networking center has developed innovative cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) to deliver cargos, such as therapeutic substances, inside cells with very high efficiency and without noticeable toxicity. Looking to establish license, research cooperation, or joint venture agreements.

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Looking for Z-fold with product processing for manufacturing line

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for methods, processes, industry examples, or companies that are capable of producing a Z-folded web with products sandwiched into one side. Licence or technical cooperation agreements are sought with industrial

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Material platforms for simultaneous solid-phase presentation of boron and cell adhesion domains as antitumor strategy for carcinomas

A Spanish biomedical research center has developed a new antitumor strategy for the treatment of colon cancer and other epithelial cancers and is looking to establish license, research cooperation or joint venture agreements. ACTIS Cooperación Tecnológica Enlace: Material platforms

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Hygiene sanitization for surfaces and air

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for novel antimicrobial actives and/or full formulations that deliver improved efficacy and lower toxicity than traditional biocides for use on home surfaces (kitchens, bathrooms, soft surfaces, air) in order to

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Solutions to enhance the overall wellness/health or safety profile in fabric care or homecare/cleaning

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking to renew its portfolio with products, technologies or ingredients that can provide claimable/measurable improvements in overall wellness across several benefit areas, such as skin health, scent/sensate induced wellness, sanitization/disinfection/hygiene, allergens.

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Seeking investors or partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance for their high performance wax

A UK inventor offers a high-performance wax to the automobile industry and the leisure marine industry. The inventor is looking for partners interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance to manufacture the product and they are also seeking

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Polish producer of vertical-axis wind turbines is offering commercial partnership with technical assistance

A Polish company experienced in machining of steel and cast iron parts is currently offering innovative vertical-axis wind turbines for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid applications. This solution ensures relatively low starting speed and higher power generating efficiency, regardless of

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An innovative method for using virtual hardware resources physically located on a server via mobile electronic module equipped with the peripheral device connection ports

A Polish is offering services in the field of comprehensive design of electronic devices and software. The object of the present invention is the method for using the virtual hardware resources physically located on a server via mobile electronic

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A Korean company with expertise in advanced antenna technology is seeking collaborative partners. Partnerships sought are as follows: joint venture agreement, license agreement and manufacturing agreement.

A Korean company provides advanced antenna products and technology for wireless communication, RADAR system and wireless sensing system. Its technology can satisfy customized specifications of wireless system and applications. Currently the company provides its antennas for telecommunication and ITCS(Information

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