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A UK SME is offering a predictive analytics audit and risk platform software

A UK SME is offering a predictive analytics audit and risk platform software. The SME is now seeking collaborative partners with whom they can form technical cooperation agreements for further development of this software particularly around blockchain and artificial

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Development of new chickpea varieties

A research group of Spain woking on chickpea breeding has developed useful plant material for genetic studies related with flowering time, growth habit, seed size, double pod and resistance to ascochyta blight, fusarium and rust, which has applications in

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Technology solutions allowing the maintenance of Safe Operating Procedures, including social distancing on construction sites in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

A Scottish (UK) based publicly funded organisation working with companies across the built environment sector is seeking technology based solutions to help maintain Safe Operating Procedures on construction sites, including means to work at a safe distance. Ideally these

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Development, identification and validation of COVID-19 prognostic and predictive biomarkers tests

A laboratory of an Italian university hospital developed selective chip-panels to detect COVID-19 susceptibility/resistance alleles. Panels are validated in terms of sensitivity, precision and specificity identifying at risk alleles according to clinical phenotypes. Industries or universities are sought for

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A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new device to manufacture customised sintered materials

A French Technology Transfer Office TTO offers a new device to produce customised sintered materials, as nanocomposites, ceramics linked to additive manufacturing. This technology could be useful for integrating high added value materials in various domains such as power

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A Chinese company providing intelligent centralised meter reading communication solutions seeks European partners to sign commercial agreement with technical assistance service

A Chinese communication technology company, focused on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) communication solutions, power line carrier communication (PLC), radio frequency (RF), and blue-tooth business, offers intelligent centralised meter reading communication solutions for international electric power meter manufacturers and public

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Automated subtitling solution for live video broadcasting

A Northern German SME offers an automated subtitling solution for live video broadcasting and streaming. Thanks to live transcription, speeches can be followed easier by the virtual audience, a barrier-free access is provided and transcription of content allows keyword

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Automated system for passenger counting and passenger traffic studying (APCS) is offered for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Ukrainian company produces a wide range of innovative hardware in order to resolve issues related with passenger traffic in public transport and other transport modes. The company seeks to expand its business geography in order to improve APCS

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Compact energy dense steam turbine to replace diesel engines

A UK company has developed a zero-emission energy generation and storage system designed to be used with renewable energy generation such as PV (photo-voltaic) solar, geothermal or wind turbine. The technology is intended as an alternative and replacement for

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Next generation procurement optimisation platform for companies and governments

A Portuguese start-up, with IT expertise in AI developed a procurement cloud based B2B platform for optimising and negotiating purchases, applicable in multiple sectors. It calculates the optimal solution for the best prices, quantities, discounts, buyer requirements and supplier

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