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COVID-19: Disposable container for the transport of biotransport biological sample

An Italian company, certified for medical devices manufacturing, has developed disposable containers for the transport of biological samples, infectious or potentially infectious substances and biological materials, from and to hospitals and laboratories in condition of safety. During Covid-19 the

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A Polish company offering wooden toys is looking for cooperation via distribution services agreement

A Polish company offers unique, ecological wooden toys for children at different stages of their development. Each toy is individually made with great care and attention to detail. The company is looking for partners interested in cooperation in terms

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London based jewellery designer brand is seeking hollow and gold plated jewellery manufacturer

A UK- based, young jewellery designer brand is looking for an experienced manufacturer of hollow silver jewellery in Europe for custom orders. This particular request is to find a reliable manufacturing partner for custom order of their already existing,

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Spanish company producing high quality canned seafood is looking for suppliers of European Hake (Merluccius merluccius) Cheeks

The Spanish company is focused on getting fresh high quality fish and processing it into preserved fish. They are the very first company which manage to produce high quality canned fish from line caught European hake in Spain. Because

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Innovative food company from Bulgaria offers healthy soups in bottles to distributors

This Bulgarian company produces healthy soups made from fresh, locally sourced products, with 100% traceable origin and quality. ?he soups are sterilized in glass bottles and have no additives, which make them appropriate for busy lifestyles, healthy diets, sports

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A Slovenian producer of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables is looking for distributors to sell its products.

Slovenian company is dealing with freeze-drying (lyophilisation) of different fruits, vegetables and herbs. By special procedure they remove the water from fruits and vegetables and preserve the structure, colour, aroma and composition of the food. The company is looking

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COVID-19 – A Spanish company has patented an additive that allows post-wash antimicrobial protection and looks for distribution services in European and South American countries

This Spanish company has patented an antimicrobial and groundbreaking solution to achieve the durability of antimicrobial protection and inhibition in clothes. It is looking for distribution services in European and South American markets. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: COVID-19 –

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A Polish cluster looks for partners to establish outsourcing agreements

This Polish cluster was established in 2016 and it connects local stakeholders. The purpose of the cluster is to promote and support the development of a sustainable energy system in Lower Silesia. The cluster has professional experience in various

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Maltese surface design studio of vector-based digital patterns and artwork is looking for partners under licensing agreement

Maltese surface design studio is offering vector-based digital format pattern designs for printing on any product surface. Custom pattern designs are available for licensing to companies that require patterns for textile and fabrics, greeting cards and stationary, home decor

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A Chinese company providing high-quality disposable protective masks seeks European partners to sign distribution services agreement

This is a Chinese professional textile enterprise integrating textile R&D, design, production and sales business. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the company urgently transferred to the disposable protective masks production. All the products have acquired related CE certification. They

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