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Montenegrin ICT company is offering service of digital marketing to their partners and offers cooperation under outsourcing agreement

In the digital arena where business and commerce converge, this Montenegrin ICT company offers digital marketing tools and techniques to companies from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They are looking to sign outsourcing agreements with a companies that

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Albanian electrical engineering company seeks SMEs interested in subcontracting agreement

An Albanian electrical engineering company, established in 2008, with activities over the company, is specialised in the complete installation of electrical services to commercial, industrial and public developments. Until nowadays, the company has operated in the domestic market, but

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A Macedonian company is looking for establishing subcontracting or outsourcing agreements with companies from steel construction

A Macedonian company, active in the field of design, construction, supervision, and revision of the construction of first category buildings, is offering to act as subcontractor of steel constructions. The company is also offering to perform assembly of steel

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French SME offers eco-responsible algae-based liquid biostimulants mainly for agriculture and horticulture and seeks distributors abroad

A French SME specialized in sustainable marine biotechnologies, develops, produces and sells biostimulants and biofertilizers for vegetal production all types (home garden, turf, horticulture, agriculture…). Products are made with active ingredients extracted from rigorously selected seaweeds. SME offers affordable

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A Croatian company is looking for manufacturer or distributor of diapers for adults as well as diabetes products under commercial agency or distribution service agreement

A Croatian company is looking for a manufacturer or distributor of diapers for adults with incontinence as well as diabetes products for further distribution on Croatian market. Preferred partner should be from the following countries: Germany, Austria, France, Italy,

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UK-based SME seeks chemical manufacturers and suppliers for their innovative pest monitoring and management systems

Insect pests are an issue in agriculture and other industries. However effective alternatives to toxic pesticides are needed. A UK-based SME has developed such an alternative system based on pheromones that is specific to individual pest species. They are

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Romanian independent inventor that has developed a new, interactive jigsaw puzzle as educational game seeks licensing or manufacturing agreement

An independent inventor, based in the West Region of Romania, designed and tested a jigsaw puzzle-type interactive game supporting the education of pre-school children. In order to produce and commercialize the game, he is looking for partner companies in

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An Israeli company specializing in digital coloring of threads is seeking to facilitate cooperation with distributors in the textile field.

This Israeli company specializes in the field of digital thread dyeing and operates in the textile industry. The company has developed a machine that digitally dyes polyester and recycled polyester threads using a waterless, on-demand process. The machine impregnates

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Bosnian company offers upholstered metal beds, chairs and sofas under manufacturing agreements

A Bosnian and Herzegovina company which manufactures upholstered and metal beds,sofas and chairs, and has experience manufacturing for companies in Europe and overseas is looking for long-term relationships with foreign business partners under a manufacturing agreement. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial

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Polish company offers professional advertisement photography services and is looking for outsourcing opportunities

This Polish company offers professional advertisement photography services to various brands and online shops. They would like to expand their portfolio of foreign clients and therefore they are looking for new partners in the field of advertisement interested in

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