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Polish private company with the know-how of the power transmission industry is looking for producers and suppliers of products connected with power transmission industry.

A Polish company providing specialist construction services for the power industry is looking for manufacturers of an energy components with specific parameters. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: Polish private company with the know-how of the power transmission industry is looking

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Ukrainian pharmaceutical company specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of innovative pharmaceuticals and food supplements with proved efficacy acknowledged by international authorities is seeking partnership under distribution agreement

The Ukrainian company manufactures food supplements developed through innovative research and on the basis of new scientific relevance. The use of technologies and herbal sources means that formulations are able to meet the needs of people’s health. The company

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Spanish health company is looking for European manufacturers or suppliers of white label nitrile gloves

Spanish company based in the city of Barcelona looks for European suppliers of white label nitrile gloves to fight Covid-19. The company currently distributes health, personal and cosmetic care products throughout the Spanish territory and seeks to arrange a

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A large Japanese electronic appliance distributor is looking for EU equipment suppliers of disruptive consumer products in electronics and similar sectors that are yet to be released in Japan

A Japanese high-tech capital equipment distributor is seeking product suppliers of technologically leading-edge consumer products to diversify its business. Specifically the company would like to become the exclusive distributor of products using truly disruptive technology that show potential in

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A Turkish manufacturer is looking for medical equipment market specially wheelchair and rollator market

A Turkish company is a manufacturer of special and qualified mobility (power) wheelchair and an aluminum rollator. This company also supply another type of medical equipment. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace:

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A social cooperative from Poland offers an ecological product – a bio straw for drinks.

A Polish social cooperative producing natural, eco friendly bio straw used for drinking beverages is looking for distributors. The product offered by this company is made of rye, while the majority of straws on the market are made of

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Romanian local foundry is looking for distributors or commercial agents for its urban furniture products

A Romanian local foundry that manufactures parts out of gray cast iron, cast steel, cast bronze and cast aluminium since 1992 is looking for distributors or commercial agents. The company has its own variety of urban furniture elements like:

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Ukrainian water and wastewater utility enterprise is looking for possibilities of cooperation under financial agreement.

Ukrainian water enterprise provides water and wastewater services to the residents of the city. The enterprise strives for improvement of sustainability of operations aimed at reducing water losses, increasing the efficiency of existing systems with operation cost savings and

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Polish shipyard offers 28 foot powersailer under distribution services agreement

A Polish manufactur of pleasure boats is looking for agents and distributors. The company offers a 28 foot powersailer with CE certificate class C (class B on request), which is ideal for water sports enthusiasts who want to combine

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Slovenian prototyping and 3D printing company is looking for partners under manufacturing agreement

Slovenian company is specialized in production of prototypes and models using 3D print technology. Their products range from castings, foundry molds and cores to various products made of plastic, rubber, metal, foundry sand and special 3D printing powder. The

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