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A Belgian organic and dynamized beer brewery is looking for distributors worldwide in order to develop their markets

A Belgian beer company, launched in 2018, is looking for distributors in order to export its products all around the world. The innovated beers offered are based on 3 elements: dynamized water, organic grains and flowers elixirs. These are

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A Polish company offers new, fast and easy technique to assess food quality under license or subcontracting agreements

A Polish start-up, from the analytical chemistry sector, works on the development of methods for food quality assessment. The company pursues project concerning aflatoxins and polycyclic aromatic compounds detection in grains and oils. Companies/institutions which are interested in fast

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Polish producer of educational card games seeks distributors

The Polish company offers educational card games to learn English, for teachers, parents and children. The company is interested in expanding its network of business partners by identifying international providers of educational games under agreements on distribution services in

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Slovenian manufacturer specializing in the production of wellness devices for sleep improvement, stress reduction and pain relief is looking for distributors

A Slovenian company offers a wellness device that is the most advanced wearable PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy device currently available. It provides physical performance enhancement due to rapid recovery from muscle and bone injuries. In numerous independent tests

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Transylvanian software development studio is looking for outsourcing agreements

The Transylvanian software development studio was developed by a freelance software engineer and is looking for international partners, in order to conclude outsourcing agreements. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: Transylvanian software development studio is looking for outsourcing agreements

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UK company that produces premium quality sustainable food & drink containers is looking for agreements with commercial agents and distributors

A UK company that specialises in eco-friendly products for the food & drink industries is interested in working with commercial agents & distributors to raise awareness of the brand and to generate sales in new markets. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial

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Japanese plastic drainage parts manufacturer for kitchen sinks and bathrooms is seeking for distributors in the EU, especially Germany and Italy

A Japanese manufacturer of plastic drainage fittings and drain traps is looking for partners in the EU, especially in Germany and Italy. They wish to engage in distribution services agreements. The drainage parts offered by the company aim to

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An Armenian producer of different types of natural zeolite products is looking for distributors

This Armenian company is specialized in production of different types of natural, modified/activated, as well as bacteria enriched zeolite products. This is an innovative and perspective product in this field of industry that can be used in construction, medicine,

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Finnish tractor service and supply company is searching for suppliers of tractor spare parts

A tractor service and supply company from Finland is looking for tractor spare part wholesalers or merchants. The potential cooperation might be a distribution services agreement. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: Finnish tractor service and supply company is searching for

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A Greek non-profit organisation that repairs old computer equipment for societal benefit seeks organisations willing to contribute such equipment through a supplier agreement.

A Greek social enterprise that specialises in repairing outdated/disused computer hardware for the benefit of under-equipped public schools in Greece seeks organisations that are conscientious of their societal responsibility and environmental impact to contribute such hardware through a supplier

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