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New method for fetal fraction determination has been developed and is available for licence agreement.

There has been a new innovation developed by the team of researchers at the medical university in Martin region in Slovakia. Compared to existing solutions simplier triFFY (trisomic fetal fraction) method for fetal fraction determination in Non-invasive Prenatal Screening

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A UK based SME is looking for ultrasound solution for pre-treatment of feedstock/organic waste prior to anaerobic digestion.

A UK-based SME is the first to market a highly mobile energy generator that uses a microbial process to turn organic waste into energy, biofertilizer, and revenue. The company seeks partners with proven and reliable solutions for feedstock/substrate pre-treatment

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Freeze drying equipment for production of innovative food products.

An SME from Latvia that is focused on R&D solutions in the field of vacuum and cryogenic systems, has developed innovative freeze drying/sublimation equipment for freezing of different food raw materials allowing to make new types of high-quality food

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Complex technology for the processing and converting the rice husks into high-tech carbon / silicon containing products

A Bulgarian research team with experience in research and development in the field of general and inorganic chemistry has developed a technology based on thermochemical methods for treating rice husks to transform them into value-added carbon-silicon materials. The team

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Bulgarian IT vendor offers specialized open source product for quality assurance and test engineers

A Bulgarian company working in the IT field offers an open source test case management system (TCMS) targeting other companies with quality assurance (QA) and testing departments. The proposed solution is built using open standards and technologies which avoids

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Italian biotech company specialized in production of innovative recombinant lytic enzymes is looking to join a consortium for Horizon Europe call

Italian biotech SME committed to R&D, production and marketing of high quality lytic enzymes for cell therapy and regenerative medicine, currently offers services in particular screening and characterization of enzymes, engineering and development of novel recombinant proteins, in vitro

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A Ukrainian company specializing in the processing and export of gluten-free agricultural products is looking for a partner to conclude a distribution agreement.

The Ukrainian exporter offers agricultural products made from whole grains of spelled sorghum and introduces a range of exclusive and innovative food products to the market. The result of this work is the production of finished products necessary for

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A Romanian producer of organic cosmetics is interested in cooperating with foreign partners on the basis of manufacturing agreements

The Romanian company develops and produces a range of all-natural body creams, including a premium 24k gold infused face cream that assists in counteracting the effects of aging. They would like to cooperate internationally by signing manufacturing agreements with

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A Belgian craft brewery is looking for distributors for its various range of craft beers

A Belgian family brewery producing its own craft beers using the barley it harvests at the family farm, is looking for distributors in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France to enter long-term partnership. The products to be sold are organic,

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Polish independent game development studio created augmented Reality mobile game and is searching for distributors

SME from North Eastern Poland specializing in the creation of games, mobile games and AR is searching for distributors of their latest game. A mobile game can be based in augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). The company

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