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Polish manufacturer of bird food seeks distributors or agents and is offering manufacturing services agreement

A Polish manufacturer of bird feeds and natural food supplements seeks trade intermediaries and is offering to work under the distribution services or commercial agency agreements. The company is offering a manufacturing services agreement under the private label. ACTIS

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Spanish company expert in agroindustrial biomass upcycling strategies is open for collaboration in circular bioeconomy initiatives for the recovery of plant bioactive compounds.

Spanish company from Madrid with expertise in the extraction, chemical characterization and purification of bioactive compounds from plants has developed an innovative business model for the extraction of bioactive compounds from by-products. The collaboration types they are interested in

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Non-waste utilisation of copper pyro-metallurgical slag

A Bulgarian research team has developed an innovative technology for non-waste utilisation of copper pyro-metallurgical slag. By means of thermochemical treatment, copper pyro-metallurgical slag with alkaline and / or alkaline earth carbonates is converted into useful materials. The researchers

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Composite bio-compatible material on the basis of titanium alloys and vitreous carbon coating intended for endoprosthesis

A Bulgarian research team has developed new composite bio-compatible material on titanium basis with glassy (vitreous) carbon coating. It is intended for production of endoprosthesis due to its biological compatibility and resistance to biochemical corrosion. The researchers are seeking

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Waterproof light-emitting diode (LED) lamps applicable for heavy duty industrial conditions

A Bulgarian company with more than 12 years of experience in the R&D of light-emitting diode (LED) products and technologies has developed innovative lamps intended for heavy duty applications. They can operate in harsh conditions and have integrated thermal,

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Specialised scientific diagnostic system for assessing the effectiveness of operators in extreme conditions

A Bulgarian research institute, with over 40 years of experience in R&D of specialised technologies and products, has developed an innovative scientific device for assessing the effectiveness of operators performing activities in extreme conditions. The institute is looking to

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Turkey based university is seeking industrial partners for its greenhouse cover formed by incorporation of multi functional halloysite nanotubes loaded with pesticide-pheromone materials to manufacture the cover or raw material and test the performance

Turkey based university has developed a polymeric greenhouse cover comprising halloysite nanotubes loaded with a pesticide substance and a pheromone, its production method, a greenhouse comprising said cover, its use in the manufacture of a greenhouse and a plant

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A Romanian specialised design company would like to collaborate as subcontractor with foreign partners

The Romanian company is specialised in residential and commercial interior design. They are interested in subcontracting their services to partners from the European Union. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: A Romanian specialised design company would like to collaborate as subcontractor

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Peruvian company specialized in the commercialization of green coffee beans, derivatives and Peruvian superfoods seeks commercial agency agreements

The Peruvian company is specialized in the commercialization of green coffee beans, derivatives and Peruvian superfoods with social and environmental sustainability. It is looking for commercial agency agreements. ACTIS Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: Peruvian company specialized in the commercialization of

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Spanish farmers association is offering technology, testing ground capacities and premises for agricultural EU-funded R&D projects and collaboration in R+D+i projects through a joint-venture or research cooperation agreement

The association has many years of experience in the field of agricultural experimenting in Spain and in carrying out projects financed with EU Funds. Their continued success is proof that their most recent endeavor will be worth collaborating with.

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