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M-ERA.NET – Development of a new coating solution for use in contact with food – industrial partners sought

A Czech research organisation with rich experience in thermal spraying is seeking industrial partners to complement the consortium of a project within M-ERA.NET. The project will focus on the development on new reliable and safe thermal spray coating solutions

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Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT-enabled Integrated Care Solutions – Chronic Heart Failure. Seeking integration and sensor technology partners

A UK (Scottish) SME is developing a project proposal for the In Care Heart Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) call. They have developed a health data exchange platform to support the virtual management of patients with chronic conditions, e.g. Heart Failure.

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LIFE Partner Search: Coordinator looks for partners to recover the PU (polyurethane) from footwear waste and develop new products for the footwear industry, completing a circular economy model

A Spanish SME leads a proposal aimed to recover PU (polyurethane) from waste of the footwear industry. They search three partners with these roles: design, prototyping and manufacturing of elastomeric parts, pultruded composite profiles and molded composite parts; carbon

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[Horizon-EIC-2021-Pathfinderchallenges-01-04] Hydrogen end-users, biomass suppliers or chemical industries to become part of the advisory board of a project

An EU consortium, leaded by a Spanish university, is preparing a project proposal related to the electrolysis of renewable biomass, with less electrical energy demand compared with water electrolysis, and producing value-added decarbonized chemicals in addition to pure hydrogen.

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UK based SME looking for industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) filter manufacturer for Eurostars proposal

A UK-based SME has developed a novel coating technology with anti-bacterial and anti-viral efficacy they will further develop and scale. They are looking for an industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) filter manufacturer to join a consortium for

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[Eurostars] Portuguese startup is looking for partners with integrated expertise in automation and biosensors to co-develop an automated autologous cell therapy for personalized medicine

A Portuguese biomedicine start-up company is preparing an EUROSTARS project proposal. The project is targeting a solution related to the medical application of cell therapies, particularly for autologous strategies. The company is looking for a partner to lead the

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Eurostars partner search: Croatian SME looks for a software development company to join in building an innovative air quality measurement station

A Croatian SME has developed a novel air measurement station that enables measuring main outdoor air pollutants without cross-sensitivities in real-time and collecting data quality information enabling open access to local communities. They are looking for a software development

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Las claves para una propuesta exitosa en Horizonte Europa en la última sesión del Itinerario Formativo Europa+Cerca 2021

La última sesión abierta del Itinerario Formativo Europa+Cerca 2021 se celebrará el jueves, 28 de octubre, y analizará los pasos a realizar y las diferentes claves a tener en cuenta para presentar una propuesta exitosa a Horizonte Europa ACTIS

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Horizon Europe EIC Pathfinder Challenges 2021 – Water and wastewater for Hydrogen production

A team of two university departments from North Italy wants to propose an easily scalable photocatalytic process for an advanced oxidation waste treatment capable of co-generating H2 (Hydrogen) while increasing the biodegradability index for correct wastewater disposal. The two

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Tecnologías para la sostenibilidad y la eficiencia energética en las empresas

A la hora de repasar las principales tecnologías que se están empleando para mejorar la sostenibilidad y la eficiencia energética en las empresas, podríamos mencionar los sistemas IoT (internet de las cosas) como los smart grids o contadores inteligentes,

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