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our solidarity is with those impacted by the tragedy in lower manhattan today. this is where @adafruit lives and works

heartbreaking, our solidarity is with those impacted by the tragedy in lower manhattan today. this is where @adafruit lives and works. i’ve held limor’s hand and walk there every week, it’s a few blocks from where we live and

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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! Yay yay yay Halloween’s here! check out some of our employees’ costumes today! Blog Adafruit Enlace: Happy Halloween!!

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Captain America Cosplay by @brandyleaphotos #halloweenmakeup

💪💪😱😍 #halloweenmakeup A post shared by BrandyRuiz3D (@brandyruiz3d) on Oct 30, 2017 at 9:31pm PDT My sister in-law does a lot of really cool cosplay with makeup. She’s a self-taught makeup artist and has done a lot of well-known

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Look at All Your Halloween Costumes

I made an anime character fireball for my daughter’s costume w/ #adafruit Neopixels, thermoplastic, and felted wool – @amy_geek — Lisha (@mamamoon) October 30, 2017 It’s October 31 and that means it’s costume central. Whether you’re wrapping up

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John Park’s Workshop — LIVE! 4pm ET 11/2/17 @johnedgarpark @adafruit #adafruit

JOHN PARK’S WORKSHOP — LIVE!  Coming up at 4pm ET on Thursday, 11/2/17! LIVE TEXT CHAT IS HERE in the Adafruit Discord chat! The live video will be on Youtube LIVE, Twitch, Periscope (Twitter) and Facebook. Join maker John Park in his workshop each week as he

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The Windows of New York #ArtTuesday

Via Kottke José Guizar is a Mexican designer living in NYC with an obsession for the city’s windows. For his Windows of New York project, he’s done dozens of illustrations of all styles of window from around the city

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Capturing a complex TV commercial with Arduino

Ever wonder how studios like Oslo-based Flambert get perfectly timed (and complex) shots of “disasters,” such as the destruction of a birthday party setting seen in the Coop Obs! commercial below? While the moving camera position was handled by

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IoT Lock System for Multiple Doors

From IoT_lover on Normal RFID Lock: a device which prevents something such as a door being opened and which you can only open with some specific RFID Tags. RFID IoT Lock: a RFID lock connected to internet with

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'House of Cards' en problemas en Netflix: la sexta temporada será la última y además se aplaza

Tremenda tormenta está llegando a Netflix y la que fuera su serie más importante, ‘House of Cards’, ya que ante las supuestas acusaciones de acoso sexual a Kevin Spacey, Netflix tuvo que salir a hacer una especie de control

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Bloomberg Pursuits on the 4 Key Aspects of Lawrence Abu Hamdan Success #ArtTuesday

From Bloomberg Pursuits: Most galleries do their utmost to get the artists they represent into museum collections. It increases prestige for everyone involved and, in the case of young artists, helps solidify their reputations as legitimate subjects to collect:

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