Who Was Isaac Asimov #SciFiSunday

Just who was Isaac Asimov? He created the Rules for Robotics and he write the Foundation series and he taught certain Adafruit team members all about Shakespeare and the historical context for the Bible with Azimov’s Guide to Shakespeare and Asimov’s Guide to The Bible. Learn all about the late, great Asimov from Forbes:

Isaac was born in 1920 in the Soviet Union. His father understood what life would be like for his family after the Bolshevik Revolution and decided America would be a better place to raise and educate his children. “In 1922, after my sister, Marcia, was born, my father decided to emigrate to the United States,” wrote Isaac Asimov in his autobiography It’s Been A Good Life. “My mother had a half brother living in New York who was willing to guarantee that we would not become a charge on the country.”

The Asimov family story is a familiar immigrant story. Isaac’s parents sacrificed for the good of their kids. “My father came to the United States in the hope of a better life for his children, and this he certainly achieved,” wrote Asimov. “He lived to see one son a successful writer, another son a successful journalist, and a daughter happily married. However, this was at great cost to himself.”

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