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Laser Cutting Graphic Design Tips

SparkFun’s Creative Technologist Melissa Felderman has an epic write-up on Ponoko’s blog for thinking through and designing objects for laser cutting. The blog introduces the 7 elements of graphic design: line, color, value, shape, texture, space, and form, then

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How Blockchains Are Revolutionizing Gaming

Via Digital Trends Blockchain turns that on its head. It’s effectively a digital ledger without a master copy. Transactions aren’t stored on any on computer, but instead stored on a network of computers, and they’re verified the same way.

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Glowing Warhammer 40K Power Claw Made with Adafruit Products

Warhammer 40k features a number of Power Weapons, including the Lightning Claw. Instagram user mechanought incorporated the prop into his W40k build, which was already detailed and complex. The Lightning Claw part began with fabric covered in pieces of

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RetroTech: Recordable Paper #MusicMonday

Awesome video from Techmoan on YouTube. In this video I take a look at a multimedia educational format from the 1970s, the 3M Sound Page (AKA Ricoh Synchrofax) UPDATE I’ve seen a few comments where the assumption has been

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Setting up a Headless Raspberry Pi and Using It as an Access Point

The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful, inexpensive computer useful for hobbyists, classrooms and professionals. added to your cart! Raspberry Pi 3 B+ In stock DEV-14643 Everyone knows and loves the Raspberry Pi, but what if the wireless capabilities only

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Nasa’s Orion Crew Capsule Will Have over 100 3D Printed Parts

via Engadget It’s not just revolutionary start-ups like Rocket Lab that are using 3D printing to create their rockets and spaceships. NASA’s new crew capsule Orion will have over 100 3D printed parts specially developed by prime contractor Lockheed

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Science Experiments with Micro:bit

Science experiments for students to get started with Micro:bitVia Makecode The Science Experiments lessons are geared for students in middle school and early high school grades. The lessons are designed help the student gain a greater understanding of the

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Grace Hopper Once Handed Out Lengths of Wire to Represent How Far Electrical Signal Traveled in a Nanosecond | #makerhistory

From the National Museum of American History: This bundle consists of about one hundred pieces of plastic-coated wire, each about 30 cm (11.8 in) long. Each piece of wire represents the distance an electrical signal travels in a nanosecond,

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Arduino and Distrelec launch a new automation & robotics contest!

How can you help advance Industry 4.0 using the Arduino ecosystem? From robots and predictive maintenance to remote control and data acquisition, we’ve teamed up Distrelec to launch a new Automation & Robotics Contest challenging our community to create innovative solutions that can make

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Home-Made Camera

This is absolutely incredible. To see more about how the camera was made, visit Cropped Camera on YouTube and see the awesome photos taken on their site. Blog Adafruit Enlace: Home-Made Camera

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