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Snapchat Spectacles on a Drone

Snapchat Spectacles + Drone on YouTube This was a pretty cool stunt and showcases the video quality coming out of snapchat’s spectacles. Impressive to say the least, it actually works really well as an FPV camera for drones. No

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Necrobarista: A 3D Visual Novel About Baristas And Ghosts #SciFiSunday

Part video game, part novel – part barista, part ghost. Via Sprudge: Might I suggest Necrobarista, a 3D digital novel from Australian indie game studio Route 59. “What is a 3D digital novel?” you ask. In an article by

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Meet ‘Oumuamua, the First-Ever Asteroid from Another Star

Via Scientific American We now know what to call the mysterious object from interstellar space that zoomed past Earth last month. The interloper—the first known interstellar body observed within our own solar system—has been named ‘Oumuamua, which means “a

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Payphones Still Make Millions of Dollars

Get your phreak on – via MOTHERBOARD Disruption-y tech companies like Uber and Twitter are a big part of “the discourse” and our daily lives, but neither of them make any profit. You know what once-groundbreaking technology doesn’t have

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Stranger Things 2: How They Made Will’s Tunnel Maps #SciFiSunday

Via Vulture. How do you match the lo-fi brilliance of Joyce Byers making an Ouija board on her wall with black paint and Christmas lights? Well, if you’re working on the second season of Stranger Things, you create an

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3 fans take over 200k LEGO pieces and 2 years to build incredible diorama of Hoth Echo Base from Star Wars #SciFiSunday

Behold, Winter in Hoth, an EPIC build from Brick a Ben, Ferroh12 and Brick_Phil featured on The Brothers Brick. Finished just in time for its first appearance in October’s Brick a Dole show in France, the builders credit many

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Adafruit Feather Based Allergy Tester

Thanks to @mnelsoneorm on discord for pointing out this news story about a prototype portable food allergy tester that is using an Adafruit Feather and the OLED FeatherWing. Full video is here: Looks like samples are added to an

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What Super Mario Bros. Is Teaching MIT About Cities

With the “Luigi” robot these MIT researchers are getting into the sewers to study the human microbiome (poop, that means poop). Via Co.Design: Mile after mile of sewer pipe exists beneath our cities. This infrastructural network provides critical waste

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Kent Andreasen on his Mamiya RB67 #celebratephotography

We recently stumbled upon Boooooom’s Camera Stories and Kent Andreasen‘s camera story is so good! His love for his camera and how it functions is palpable and it makes us feel like we’re in on a secret. The Mamiya

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Focus Stacking System For Gametophyte Ferns #celebratephotography

Wow – fanstastic work from Jennifer Deegan on The aim of this project is to home-build a microscope capable of photographing gametophyte ferns. The style of photography aims to produce attractive images of the sort that might normally

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