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HORIZON EUROPE – Looking for partners for a consortium in chemical process optimisation and troubleshooting through chemometric analysis

Italian SME specialized in petrochemical process industry builds a proposal to develop a methodology to apply chemometrics for chemical processes monitoring and troubleshooting. The goal is to exploit process data to improve process management.The company is looking for industrial

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[EUREKA / EUROSTARS] A Korean SME is looking for R&D partner to develop the direction-finding technology of mobile terminals using multiple directional antennas and signal processing

A Korea SME specialized in antennas and RF (Radio Frequency) modules is developing a direction-finding device which detects each of a plurality of mobile terminals having different output strengths of radio waves. This innovative solution provides a network stability,

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Eurostars 240322 – Icelandic SME is looking for a partner to further research orthosilicic acid in geothermal silica in order to research the bioavailability and the ratio of orthosilicic acid

An Icelandic SME, a pioneer in the extraction of natural silica minerals from geothermal water used to produce certified natural health products (food supplements) is looking for partners for a Eurostars grant application. The research focuses on orthosilicic acid

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[EUREKA or EUROSTARS] A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop copper sintered material for power semiconductor package bonding

A Korean company providing material solution for electrode packages is looking for R&D partner for developing copper sintered material for semiconductor package bonding. With the partner that has knowledge and expertise in reduction of copper surface oxide film, the

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Project for the placing on the European market of innovative medical devices under the Mobility Exchange Programme for SME Staff

A Spanish company with background in the field of science and engineering looks for partners to apply for the MobiliseSME programme. Their field of expertise is biotechnology, engineering and science. They are looking for emerging companies, associations of manufacturers

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HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-02-04-two-stage: Smart solutions for the use of digital technologies for small and medium-sized farms and farm structures: Seeking EU partners specialized in fruit farming /viticulture/agricultural economics

An Italian consulting and planning company operating in the agri-food sector is implementing, in accordance with current European digital transformation strategies, the use of digital technologies for the detection and processing of spatial data and images in agriculture. They

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HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01 – Integrated environmental in-situ observation system to support the mitigation of climate change effects

An Italian innovative SME that exploits new technological approaches to address hydro-geological risk mitigation challenges based on in-situ monitoring solutions and nowcasting models is interested in the call HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-07 with two university departments and it is thus looking for

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[Eureka or Eurostars3] A Korean SME is looking for R&D partner to develop remote marine safety control and maintenance system based on the long coverage maritime WiFi technology

[Eureka or Eurostars] A Korean SME has developed the maritime broadband wireless telecommunication solution which is more accessible regarding cost and quality compared to satellite internet near harbour. The company wants to utilize its technology for safety control and

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Horizon Europe – HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-02-two-stage: An University of Applied Sciences is seeking for a (industrial) partner, who can realize the up scaling of poly(limonene)carbonate

A European consortium led by an University of Applied Sciences in southern Germany is applying for the Horizon Europe call CIRCBIO-02-two-stage. A partner for the up scaling of poly(limonene)carbonate PLimC is sought. Shortly explained: Synthesis of PLimC on the

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HORIZON-CL6-2022-CIRCBIO-01-04: Spanish company is looking for partners to develop food, nutritional and health formulations with gluosinolates enriched crop by-products.

The Spanish company, which is a vegetable seed supplier, is preparing a project proposal as coordinator. The objective of the project is to use glucosinolates from enriched vegetables to develop value added products. This company is searching for partners

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