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A Greek SME company is interested in licensing a fire extinguishing solution for fireplace or wood burning stove chimneys

A Greek SME company, providing products and services for the maintenance of chimneys has developed a safety product for the rapid extinguishing of fire in chimneys connected to fireplaces or wood burning stoves. The company is interested in licensing

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Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Based Industrial IoT Solution

A Turkish company with IPv6-based high-reliability wireless sensor networking solutions for IoT applications seeks partners under license and technical cooperation agreements. The solutions are optimized to provide reliable wireless connectivity in harsh environments with a high concentration of electromagnetic

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Innovative electric quadricycle for last mile goods delivery

An Italian innovative start-up has designed and patented a full electric vehicle conceived for goods transportation and designed with automotive standards. It is homologated as a heavy quadricycle; it allows to carry goods in an easy and economic way

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German research cluster is looking for pilot customers and partners for a robust condition monitoring system using AI based data fusion of multivariate sensors

German research cluster has bundled competences from non-destructive evaluation with industrial data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve the performance of condition monitoring systems. Performance of classification is enhanced in case various damage or fault states must be distinguished.

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Turkey based university is seeking industrial partnerships with ceramic manufacturing, electronics, defense, aviation, automotive sector for its laser machining of advanced ceramic dough formation methodology (Ceramic4.0)

Turkey based university has developed a new advanced ceramic dough formation methodology by polymer bridging through coagulation for rapid prototyping. Translation of ceramics manufacturing to Industry 4.0 significantly lags behind other materials. Building upon the current framework of EFPF

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Bulgarian company is looking for innovative technology to optimize the manufacturing and lacquering of wooden legs and other furniture details , striving to update or diversify its product range and to appeal to a wider market

Bulgarian SME is looking for innovative technology by partners from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden or Turkey to optimize the manufacturing and lacquering processes of wooden furniture legs and other wooden furniture details, under commercial agreement with technical assistance. ACTIS

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Electronics and software development of a multifunctional water meter – Partner from electronics industry sought

A German company active in water treatment for building technology and process industry seeks a partner specialized in electronics and software development who is able and interested in developing a transportable water meter for measurement of electrical conductivity, water

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Spanish agricultural company is looking for new techniques for agricultural, ecological, self-made products through a technical cooperation or financial agreement

This agricultural company is located in Valencia (Spain). It has more than ten years of experience in the agriculture sector. They grow fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables based on modern, advanced and sustainable agriculture. One of the advantages

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Post-processing of complex shaped, additive manufactured parts with high demands on accuracy and surface integrity

A German university develops process chains, technologies and tools for micro and precision manufacturing. In addition to the production of components with dimensions on a µm-scale, a main topic is the specific functionalization of surfaces in terms of surface

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A Chinese electronic control system solution provider is looking for technology partners in Europe to initiate joint R&D projects regarding VIC Platforms (Vehicle Intelligent Computing Platform) and VPDC Systems (Vehicle Powertrain Domain Control System).

A Chinese company specialized in providing clients with one-stop electronic control system solutions is looking for technology partners in Europe to initiate joint R&D projects regarding VIC Platforms and VPDC Systems through research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

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